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Monday, September 15, 2008

I took the summer off

Without even meaning to!  I keep up with woodworking podcasts, forums, etc.  I always marveled at the guys/gals that said "oh I take the summer off", or "I only do woodwork when it's the cool seasons".  I thought "How can they live with themselves"?  Well, now I know.  I accidentally took the summer off from woodworking.  I didn't even mean to.  It just kinda happened.  I'd like to blame the dining room to office remodel... but that'd be a lie.  I was just too busy to even sneak in a weekend here or there.  Well, it seems as the cool weather of fall is coming, I can get back into the garage.  First I have to clean it!  What a mess.  I still have to finish up the office, but all that is left is to wash the walls, spackle & paint.  Should be a fairly easy weekend.  We'll see.

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