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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I finally made it down to the garage yesterday to work on the quilt rack.  Earlier in the week I found this beautiful piece of poplar, and yes I said poplar, at the local big box.  When I set it down on my workbench to start marking cut lines I discovered a problem.  The board is warped in two different directions.  If it were just bent, I could have worked with that.  It wasn't warped when I bought it, so I'm trying to determine why it's warped now.  Personally, I believe it's because of the heat in our house.  It's bee cold the last few days and the heat has been set to 76 degrees.  I believe there was more moisture in the air at the box store, and our central heat dried out the board and warped it.  That's just a theory.  I'm going to try to work the board anyway by cutting around the worst pieces of warp, and then planing down the rest.  I'll use this as a learning experience on how to work with what you have.

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