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Monday, May 31, 2010

I've not been slacking...

I promise.  The past few weeks I've not posted about my woodworking.  That doesn't mean I've not been working. I've been installing fans in my wife's barn.  I was tasked with creating an arm that would support 4 fans around a 6"x6" post. There were very specific requirements that it be "neat". So, I crafted something I thought would work in Sketchup. It's an 8" arm that's secured with four 3" deck screws.  The top of the fan is held at an angle with hay string, which can be found in abundance in a barn. Once the foreman approved the design I created a test piece to verify the design. I worried some about the arm not having a brace under it, but after testing it could almost hold my weight which is much more than a 5 lb fan.

Below is a pic of the Sketchup model, and then a pic of the finished product. Because of my efforts, roughly 30+ horses will stay cool this summer.

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