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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Krenov style cabinet...

I've gotten a couple of questions about my "Krenov style cabinet". Mainly, "what is a Krenov style cabinet?" I was introduced to James Krenov through an episode of "Wood Works". David Marks' interview with Krenov was interesting. Mr. Krenov's cabinets are, in my opinion, artistic yet functional. The cabinets seemed to have a simplistic quality to them, although they aren't simplistic at all. Krenov pays very close attention to detail. Now, I'm sure my poplar cabinet won't come close to comparison with Krenov's, but this is a training exercise. I want to have a few more pieces under my belt before I tackle a project for someone else. Anyway, the walnut for my workbench legs hasn't come in yet, so I have time.

A little more about Krenov:
I've read "A Cabinetmaker's Notebook". I was able to ignore Krenov's grumpiness and enjoy the book. He has an interesting way of approaching his work. I loaned the book to a friend and he couldn't finish it. He disliked Krenov's "old man attitude", even though Krenov wasn't that old of a man when he wrote the book. Some folks on the woodworking and luthier forums I frequent have a deep dislike of Krenov. Not his work, just his attitude. He does have the grumpy old man attitude, but he also produces some gorgeous work. Not only is he known for his cabinets, but also his hand planes. Do some Google searches for Krenov. I think you'll find his work appealing.

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